Japanese reading report

Like usual, the first thing I did this week was stay up to date with 本好きの下剋上. These two chapters were just 31 pages so it went pretty quickly. I kept track of my timing this week as well: 2:16.50, giving me an average of ~4 minutes per page with a best time of 2:49. Didn’t really learn any new grammar or vocab from this section but I enjoyed it.

My manga for the week were 女神異聞録ペルソナ vol. 8, Persona 5 Mementos Mission vol. 1, the 十三騎兵防衛圏 anthology, and 鬼滅の刃 vol. 23.

Mementos Mission has been on my backlist for a while, so I jumped on it when vol. 1 became free for a little while. The P5 manga adaptation is pretty good, but Mementos Mission is really excellent so far. It’s a totally new story but it captures the characters really well and the art is great. I grabbed the remaining two volumes so I’ll definitely be continuing it.

It’s been a while since I read 女神異聞録ペルソナ but I’m finally finished with it now. I didn’t love this final arc honestly, but it’s good to be finished with it.

The 十三騎兵防衛圏 anthology was a mixed bag but good overall. My sister has been playing the game in English (which is what reminded me to actually read this) and I’ve been watching her. It’s nicely validating to see that I did actually understand everything that was going on when I played in Japanese.

I’ve been anxiously looking forward to the 鬼滅の刃 finale for months now and it paid off. This last volume was great. I’m really happy with the way everything wrapped up.