Japanese reading report

This week I front-loaded a lot of my reading since I expected to be too busy with Thanksgiving, but I ended up having more time than I expected after all.

First of all I caught up with the WK book club and read the next few chapters of 本好きの下剋上 in the first two days. Following up from the successful proof-of-concept paper, this bit was mostly about setting up to actually produce and sell it. My favorite little moment was when マイン tried to flop down on the fancy sofa in the merchants’ guild and found out that it was just a chair covered with brocade. This chunk was really smooth; I timed myself again and it took me 3:05 to read all 45 pages; average of 4 minutes per page with a best speed of 2.10.

Read 古見さん vol. 17, which gets me totally caught up to what I have on hand. The developments are…not exactly what I was hoping for out of the series? I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Next I caught up with SPYxFAMILY (vol. 3, 4, and 5). I stocked up on these a while ago and for some reason never got around to them. Some good developments here, including the introduction of an actually good dog character. I’m continually impressed by how the constant misunderstandings are funny rather than frustrating and how a lot of the tension actually comes from “how will they get out of this situation without blowing cover” rather than actual danger per se.

Last manga of the week was Persona 5 vol. 1. Obviously it’s majority review but it’s actually a pretty decent adaptation and I’m enjoying it.

Finally, I listened to about an hour of the 氷菓 audiobook. As before there’s a lot I’m missing but there’s also been some stuff that I understood this time which I either missed or misunderstood the first time around. Still not much of a fan of the narration or main character though.