Japanese reading report

Putting in my report a day early this time because I was able to catch up on all my stuff and I’d like to move on without awkwardly splitting my reading across weeks.

For the beginning of the week I was mostly just reading 本好きの下剋上. I was pretty busy with other things so it took me a bit to get through, The last chapter was pretty interesting because I actually predicted what was going to happen — マイン needs to make ink somehow, and my first thought was “just use lampblack!” Turns out that’s exactly what she ended up doing, though we’ve yet to find out how well it works for her.

Once I finished up this week’s bookclub quota, I was able to move on to 鬼滅の刃 vol. 22, which came out in the middle of the week. This volume was really good; we finally got a backstory for 伊黒 (the snake 柱), which was pretty interesting. The final battle seems to have reached a climax and I can only imagine they’ll wrap up the series in vol. 23. I’m very impressed by how so many plot threads are being tied up here; it seems like certain key elements were planned at least all the way back in vol. 2 and it’s very cool to see them paying off.

I also read 見える子ちゃん vol. 1, which I picked up randomly for free on cmoa the other day. I was hooked by literally the second page and it just kept getting better throughout. The gist is that the main character, みこ, is suddenly able to see all these weird monstrosities that everyone else is oblivious to, and she has to act as though everything is normal. The monster art is super detailed and disturbing, but the story is also surprisingly funny and downright wholesome at times. It’s a pretty young series so I’ll probably grab the rest of what’s out pretty soon.

Random bonus: I replayed Bloodborne up to probably the 2/3 point. I could get through this game with my eyes closed, but paying attention to the JP voice track is fun and noticing the changes made in loc is interesting. Also replayed a bit more Persona Q2 now that my sister has progressed with it.