Japanese reading report

This week I dug in and spent a bunch of time on 十三機兵防衛圏, with the idea of finishing it up before the English version launched on the 22nd. Didn’t quite end up making it in time but I did get there eventually. A 100% clear (including the platinum trophy but not including the optional bonus battle area) took me just about exactly 60 hours, of which over half were put in this week alone. I’m planning to write up my thoughts about it a little later but the short version is: really stunning experience all around, amazing story with a lot of very cool and creative ideas told in a super creative way.

It was a bit close at the end but I did manage to catch up to the WK book club on 本好きの下剋上. We’re past the halfway mark now and I’m still having a great time. This past week hit a page count peak so it’ll be pretty smooth sailing from here on out (especially since I don’t have anything new that I immediately plan to move on to).