Japanese reading report

This week I kept on track with my 10 pages of 狼と香辛料 per day (except for today, whoops!), bringing me up to 180. We’ve been introduced to what I suspect is kind of the driving force behind the story; a kind of speculation/price-fixing racket having to do with money devaluation. My enjoyment of this book continues to fluctuate…just wish there were more scenes with the two characters and a bit less economics stuff.

Also kept up with 本好きの下剋上, which is still a delight. I’ve been timing myself during my reading sessions and was surprised to find out that I’m reading both novels at about the same speed, but this one feels a lot smoother and faster. As someone who was a huge book nerd with all kinds of random knowledge as a kid, I find myself relating a lot to the heroine in certain ways.

I watched a TON of anime sort of by accident, starting by finishing ハイキュー!. The final act of the tournament was great and I’m looking forward to the next season. Next up I finished 響け!ユーフォニアム S1 (a rewatch) and then all of S2 (totally new); compared to when I was watching it originally six months ago, I barely missed anything even without subtitles. Tangible progress is great. Next, all of かぐや様は告らせたい S1, which I passed on ages ago after being unimpressed by the first episode, but I really liked it this time around. Comparatively low comprehension, but certainly enough to enjoy it. Finally, three episodes of たまこまーけっと, which seems to have been designed to irritate me. I was understanding everything effortlessly so I don’t feel bad about dropping it.

Played some more of Persona Q2 with my sister, finishing the second dungeon and starting on the third (along with knocking out a bunch of sidequests). Nothing much to report here.

Today I read すいとーと vol. 2, which (since it’s been a while) is basically an advertisement to get people to come eat in Fukuoka. I was actually somewhat surprised to see this get another volume — I originally bought the first one on a whim because it had just come out the same day, but it struck me as something that might be too niche to continue for very long. It’s fun learning little bits of 福岡弁 along with all the food vocab and stuff.