Japanese reading report

This week I finished しあわせの花, which suddenly brings my best time for reading a Japanese novel down to exactly two weeks. I averaged 13 pages per day throughout the whole book and it was quite manageable even with the other reading I wanted to do. I’m planning to keep up the momentum and jump right into one of the other books I’ve accumulated. Overall this book was pretty smooth; I learned some new grammar just through context, and came across some other N1 grammar that I don’t see too often. For more on the actual contents, I wrote a detailed review here.

At the beginning of the week I read another chapter of 本好きの下剋上, so now my normal reports are in sync with the wanikani club. From this week onward the pace will be a good deal higher. Nothing really to report for this chapter; it’s definitely a pretty easy book.

Watched twelve more episodes of ハイキュー!, bringing me up to S2E15. For all of season 2 I’ve been watching without subtitles and not looking anything up, so there’s definitely a decent amount I’m missing, I’m still following along well enough though, and I think it’s interesting how I’ve managed to mostly learn the rules of volleyball despite hardly know anything about it before I started the series.

Since I wanted to have read at least one volume of manga this week, I went back to 古見さん again and read vol. 12 over the last few evenings. I think I originally paused this series because the 単行本 were coming out really slowly but it seems there are three more that I don’t even own yet, so maybe I’ll pick up the pace again. I always forget how much I enjoy it until I’m in the middle of reading.

Finally, since my little sister has started playing Persona Q2 (in English), I’ve decided to do a parallel playthrough with her. Hopefully this time I’ll actually be able to keep up! We’re both on the second floor of the second dungeon now, making very good time. I keep finding things that I know I didn’t understand when I originally played it but which are totally obvious now. Some of the translations in the English version are quite horrendous though…