Japanese reading report

First thing this week I read vol. 12 (final) of 甘々と稲妻. It’s one of the very first series I started reading (actually, looking at my bookshelf on Honto, it may have been the first series I read after よつばと), so to finally get to the end was bittersweet. This last volume did a lot of time-skipping, ending with Tsumugi graduating highschool and heading off to college to study nutrition science. Some aspects of the ending felt a little vague to me but I’m overall happy with how everything came together.

Next up I read vol. 2 and 3 of 少女終末旅行, which I started almost a year ago and never finished (despite having seen and enjoyed the anime). I had intended to finish the series this week but I got distracted by other things.

Throughout the week I watched some more ハイキュー!, finishing 11 episodes (up to 17 now). I gotta say I didn’t really like it for a good chunk of the first season but it’s becoming more enjoyable as it goes on. I’m really kind of antipathetic towards sports and it’s tough to get invested. It’s good practice though and I’m following it decently well.

Last up, I read two weeks’ worth of 夜市, which brings my second novel to a close. I really enjoyed this one all the way through, but the second story, 古道, was definitely the star of the show. Lots of cool worldbuilding, good pacing, and in my opinion it did a better job of setting up plot threads than the first story in the book did. Would highly recommend. I already grabbed a couple of other books by the same author so I might move on to another one pretty soon.