Japanese reading report

After writing my last report, I realized that I had just finished my 45th volume of manga since the beginning of the year. My goal for the entire year was 52 (one per week), and obviously I’m way ahead of schedule. With only seven volumes remaining, I decided to try to achieve that goal in one week, reading one per day — a pace which would prove a challenge due to me taking part in my brother’s bridal party. Since I had just bought the remaining six volumes of 外つ国の少女 (probably the easiest series I’m reading), I decided to get all caught up with that, plus one more to total.

I finished vol. 4 the first day, starting immediately after posting my last report. On Monday I read most of 女神異聞録ペルソナ vol. 6, then finished it on Tuesday. Wednesday was pretty busy but I squeezed in 外つ国の少女 vol. 5 at the end of the day.

On Thursday I woke up early and knocked out 15 pages of 夜市 to stay on track with the wanikani book club. I read 外つ国の少女 vol. 6 and 7 throughout the rest of the day when I could find time. Friday was another early morning to read vol. 8, and I read part of vol. 9 while falling asleep that night. Saturday, the day of the wedding, was predictably busy. I managed to steal a few moments to read some more of vol. 9 but didn’t end up finishing it until Sunday morning.

It’s kind of funny…I picked 外つ国の少女 to read for this sprint because it had been pretty easy up to this point, but around vol. 7 it suddenly took a change from the laid-back “girl and her monster” pace and turned into full-on political intrigue complete with a lot of fantasy worldbuilding. Fortunately it was still manageable. I really really need the next volume to come out though. The ending of this one was such a tangle of emotions and I’m super invested in seeing what happens.

I think at this point I’m going to dial way back on my manga consumption and just read things as they catch my fancy. I’ve been wanting to do more audio immersion so I’m thinking I’ll start watching Haikyuu (a friend of mine has gotten really into it recently). Plus my little sister has overtaken me in Persona 4 so I should probably get back to that…