Japanese reading report

This week was pretty slow unfortunately. I’m still technically ahead of pace for my yearly goals but since I’ve been reading so much lately it feels like I slacked off.

The first thing I read was ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 vol. 2, which was pretty quick and easy. The most difficult part was definitely a chapter where two of the (elderly) characters are having a flashback to their youth, which seemed to shift their dialect into overdrive. There’s quite a lot of weirdly affected speech in this manga actually — just as one example, one of the main characters practically never pronounces the first “n” sound of any word, so he’ll say something like あんで instead of なんで. It’s pretty interesting and fortunately most of the time I don’t have a problem with it.

Kept up to date with the 夜市 book club. This week’s section ended on a cliffhanger that actually fits with a prediction I made last week, along the lines of “don’t eat the food in fairyland”. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

Throughout the week I read 女神異聞録ペルソナ vol. 5 in bits and pieces, mostly while I was falling asleep. Over halfway done with the series now. Nothing too new to say about it except that the characters continue to grow on me and I definitely see why people like them so much.

Played just a little of Persona 4, only three in-game days (bringing me up to 5/26). Not much to go into detail about, just knocking out social links and sidequests.