Japanese reading report

This week I did baaaaasically nothing but play P5R. It’s now mid-November and last week I was at the beginning of September. We just finished up the infiltration for the current palace and just have to wait for the deadline at the end of the month. The new content has been ramping up as we get close to endgame, and we got a surprise peek at the new palace, which looks great. Just like last week, lots of social links with unvoiced dialogue to read, but I’m knocking them out steadily.

I did find some time to read manga, mostly at night while I was falling asleep. I went back to 古見さん (vol. 11) for the first time in a while and found it to be just as good as ever.

Last night (and a little bit of today) I also read 17 pages of 夜市, still keeping pace with the bookclub. This chunk has gotten pretty exciting and it ended on a total cliffhanger. My original guess at where the story would go has been flipped on its head and I’m very curious to see where it goes from here.