Japanese reading report

Putting my report in early today because my internet will be limited for the rest of the month.

This week I read 甘々と稲妻 vol. 7, which I’ve been sitting on for a while. Compared to earlier in the series, it feels much less formulaic (as much as I like cooking, I don’t love when that’s the entire point of each chapter).

I also read the latter 3/4 of 一週間フレンズ, which I had started reading a long time ago and lost track of. For some reason 4koma manga always feels a lot slower than the normal stuff, anyone else feel this way? I really liked the anime and I think the manga is actually a lot better…it’s super dense with jokes and the visual comedy is great.

Kept up with Persona 5 Royal. We just finished up Summer Vacation so I guess it’s been almost a month of in-game time since last week’s report. Been doing a lot of social link stuff, which is mostly unvoiced dialogue that I tend to get bogged down on. The voiced sections are still doing pretty well; if I put it on “auto” mode I catch the majority of what goes on

Finally, read a little more of 夜市. The new chunk started on Friday so I’ll be focusing on that for the rest of the day.