Japanese reading report

This week I finally finished 氷菓 with a whopping 20 pages in one day (37 pages total). The last stretch of the book was actually fairly enjoyable and went pretty smoothly. I’m glad to be done with it though. I might continue the 古典部 series at some point but probably not for a while. To wrap up, and to get some bonus audio immersion, I also went through the first five episodes of the anime, which neatly covers the entire first book. The anime was just as good as I remembered it being from years ago and I was able to follow along pretty well (no doubt because I’d already looked up a lot of the difficult words while reading the book).

I launched immediately into 夜市 and so far I’m enjoying it a lot more. The writing style is pretty simple and I’m barely having to look up any words at all so I’m cruising through it. I’ve actually reached the end of the week 2 block (which only started on Friday) so I’m wondering whether I’ll actually read ahead this time around.

With 氷菓 out of the way my manga ban has been lifted, so I read 鬼滅の刃 vol. 20 pretty much right away. This whole book was devoted to one of the few remaining 十二鬼月 and had some pretty cool backstory as well as setting some pretty clear implications for the history of the slayer corps.

I spent a good deal of time on Persona 5 Royal, finishing Futaba’s palace and catching most of the way up to the next deadline. My social stats are basically finished by this point so I’ve been doing a lot of social link stuff. Animal Crossing gets an honorable mention as usual.