Japanese reading report

This week I read the latter half of あさひなぐ vol. 1. The meet ended with a close loss for the 二ツ坂 club, the third-year club members left, and they established the character who’ll likely be our protagonist’s rival going forward. Jumping straight into a competition early in the series to both explain the rules and set the stakes is pretty interesting. I think I’ll probably leave it there for now instead of moving on with the series, but I’ll likely come back to it in the future.

I also read 愚者の星 vol. 2, which I didn’t really like very much. This is a series I picked up right when it came out, which was back in December. After finishing this volume I don’t really see myself following it any further. The main villain showed up again, hid behind one of his retainers, escaped once the MC beat his man…basically exactly the same arc as in the first volume. I’m also getting wicked tired of the goofy made-up language that they use as ruby all over the place.

The last manga I read was 雪にツバサ vol. 1, which I randomly got for free on Honto and decided to read just based on the beautiful cover art. It’s by 高橋しん (who writes かなたかける, which I’ve also been reading) and it’s…kind of a tonal roller coaster. I kind of like it? but it’s also really weird and sometimes gets uncomfortably close to being genuinely distressing.

Played a bit more of Persona 5 Royal, finishing up Kaneshiro and the two weeks up to his deadline and moving into the Medjed arc now.

Stayed current on Animal Crossing but not a lot to talk about there.

Read 10 more pages in 氷菓, which I quite honestly am not enjoying anymore. I’m so close to the end and I do want to actually finish it, so I’m cutting myself off from reading any more manga until it’s over.