Japanese reading report

This week I read すいとーと vol. 1, which is one of the manga I picked up a while ago because it was a brand new release. It’s about a couple of girls who go out to local restaurants in Fukuoka city, with each chapter focusing on a different spot. I haven’t looked too much into it but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this was written to drive tourism to the city; one of the running gags is that one of the girls has an encyclopedic knowledge of every restaurant they visit. In any case the food all looks super good so Fukuoka is definitely on my mind at the moment. Picked up a few words of 福岡弁. I might grab vol. 2 when it comes out; it was an enjoyable read but nothing too amazing so far.

After finishing すいとーと I was in the mood to read something simple (with furigana for a change) so I went back to World Trigger and finished vol. 2 over the last two days.

I finished recording the last three episodes in my Persona 5 Scramble series, so about two hours on that front. Feels good to be finished up. The boss battles have dialogue throughout, which is difficult to keep up with while playing normally, so it was nice to be able to go back and comb through it during the editing phase. Now that I have all the videos finished they’ll all be going up on a schedule if anyone is interested.

Read a little of 氷菓 and translated a little of 被虐のノエル. Not really enough to comment on either one this week.