Japanese reading report

This week I was hiding out in the woods with basically no internet access, so I had a lot of time to read.

Finished かなたかける vol. 2 (remaining 50% from last week) and started vol. 3 (got 25% through). There’s a decent amount of race-related vocab that I’ve been able to pick up in context, which is nice. It’s a super wordy manga and I think the only reason it doesn’t use furigana is because there’s no way it would be legible with how tiny the kanji has to be in order to fit on the page.

Read up to around page 155 in 氷菓. I’m still behind on the WK book club but not by a lot at this point. To be honest I feel a bit like I’m continuing this one out of duty; I really enjoyed the anime but I’m not feeling the book as much. Hotarou has got to be the most noncommittal guy in the history of guys. 「似合わないと言えないかもしれない」

Played some more animal crossing. I missed bunny day due to playing unpatched (since I didn’t have internet), but it sounds like that was a good thing maybe. It’s fun learning about the stuff you turn in to the museum.

I’m also replaying P5S (just up to the first boss for now) because I wanted to do a letsplay of it in the first place but my recording equipment was all being stored at my parents’ house. Now that I have the time and the opportunity, I’m going back through it. I’d forgotten most of the specific dialogue so it was fresher than I expected; happy to report I’m still cruising through it and not really having to look anything up.