Japanese reading report

This week I played a bunch more of P5 Scramble, bringing me up to 8/12 on the in-game calendar, with 35 hours total played (13 hours this week). Still cruising through pretty easily; I’ll probably beat the third boss tonight. (Edit: done)

I fell behind pretty hard on the WK bookclub, so today I caught back up to where I should have been last week; about five more pages. The beginning of this section was pretty dry and kind of hard to motivate myself through. On the upside, I’m looking up a lot less vocab as as once again there’s been a lot of repetition.

Stayed current on my subs2srs cards and I’m reaching the point where a good number of them are reaching the 45-day retirement interval and getting automatically suspended. It’s pretty cool to see how a sentence which I couldn’t make heads or tails of at first can reach a point where it’s pretty easy to distinguish.

Finally (related to the above), I watched two more episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム. My comprehension on this is still pretty low so once again I’m grateful for the subtitle cards. This week a few difficult things that stuck out were a reference to the composer Dvořák(ドヴォルザーク)and the borderline mythological figure 聖徳太子.