Japanese reading report

Short/early report this week since I’m about to have limited access to internet for a little bit.

Read another 30% of かなたかける (currently 50% through). Random thing that stuck out to me: came across 駅伝会って and immediately read 会って as かい って rather than あって. Just kind of nice to see that I can immediately pick the right reading in ambiguous cases like that.

Read up to page 127 of 氷菓, still catching up to the book club. Had a nice stretch where I wasn’t looking up words at all, feels pretty good.

Played a decent amount of ACNH (in Japanese of course). The spaces between words are slowing me down a surprising amount but it’s been pretty easy otherwise.

Japanese reading report

This week I put in 22 hours of P5 Scramble, bringing me to 8/25 on the in-game calendar and 57 hours total. Still making pretty good time. I believe I’m on chapter with the final boss (though it might be a fake-out).

Watched two more episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム (through episode 7) and caught up with subs2srs cards. I’ve been struggling with this one honestly. There’s a lot of new vocab even aside from the music terminology. On the upside, I’ve been noticing an uptick in the number of times new words will pop up in other things I’m reading.

Japanese reading report

This week I played a bunch more of P5 Scramble, bringing me up to 8/12 on the in-game calendar, with 35 hours total played (13 hours this week). Still cruising through pretty easily; I’ll probably beat the third boss tonight. (Edit: done)

I fell behind pretty hard on the WK bookclub, so today I caught back up to where I should have been last week; about five more pages. The beginning of this section was pretty dry and kind of hard to motivate myself through. On the upside, I’m looking up a lot less vocab as as once again there’s been a lot of repetition.

Stayed current on my subs2srs cards and I’m reaching the point where a good number of them are reaching the 45-day retirement interval and getting automatically suspended. It’s pretty cool to see how a sentence which I couldn’t make heads or tails of at first can reach a point where it’s pretty easy to distinguish.

Finally (related to the above), I watched two more episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム. My comprehension on this is still pretty low so once again I’m grateful for the subtitle cards. This week a few difficult things that stuck out were a reference to the composer Dvořák(ドヴォルザーク)and the borderline mythological figure 聖徳太子.

Japanese reading report

🎊 One year of reading reports! 🎊

I’m ahead of schedule on my yearly manga goal, so this week I spent nearly all my time playing Persona 5: Scramble. I’m absolutely flying through it and it’s super encouraging considering that l was struggling with Persona Q2 this same time last year. Almost all of the dialogue is voiced and I’m finding that I can understand nearly everything without needing to replay the line or look up words; I’ve probably only gone to the dictionary about a dozen times in the 22 hours I’ve put in so far.

I also watched three episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム for my new gym anime. I’ve been going through a subtitle deck because my comprehension has been lower than I expected, partially because of all the music vocab but also I think due to the specific type of slang the girls use.

Finally I read about half of this week’s allotted pages of 氷菓 for the WK bookclub. I should be caught up by end of day.