Japanese reading report

This week I read two volumes of manga, finished up some anime, continued in my novel, and got some gaming in.

First up, I read vol. 1 and 2 of 虎子、あんまり壊しちゃだめだよ. It’s a pretty short self-contained story about a girl who gets sent to a school for delinquents due to her tendency to accidentally destroy everything around her due to her superhuman strength. I bought it based just on the description way back when I first wanted to try reading (it was actually my first attempt at manga, even before よつば) and tapped out pretty quickly. This time went much better and I was able to finish both volumes in just a few days without any difficulty besides unfamiliar vocab. Progress feels good.

I’ve reached page 87 in 氷菓, still keeping pace with the WaniKani book club. Still coming across a lot of new vocab and some unfamiliar N1 grammar. Nothing much to report here.

I can’t remember if I went to the gym three or four times this week, but in any case I went enough times to finish up 少女終末旅行. There were a couple moments where I was so in the groove that I didn’t even realize I was following it perfectly, and only after did I stop and realize “oh that was all in Japanese”. As a bonus, I’ve continued adding audio cards for 鬼滅の刃 and my ヒナまつり cards have started to taper off to a very manageable level (with a lot of retirements as they pass the two-month interval threshold).

Finally, I played through the entire demo for Persona 5: Scramble. I had hoped to have my copy by now but it won’t be here until the middle of this coming week ? Aside from a scene early on with a bunch of bureaucratic terms, I was following along just fine and didn’t really even need to look up any words — hopefully that holds true for the full game.