Japanese reading report

This week I read two volumes of manga, continued with the WaniKani bookclub, and watched a little over five hours of anime.

The first manga I read was 午後3時雨宮教授のお茶の時間 vol. 1, which I picked up a little while ago simply because I wanted to try a series that had just barely started. The eponymous character is an English literature professor and each chapter revolves around a certain teatime food from a variety of books; LotR, Narnia, and Alice in Wonderland have all made an appearance. It’s pretty light reading but I enjoyed it a lot and I’ll be keeping up with the series as it continues.

My second manga was とつくにの少女 vol. 2, which I bought a while ago but didn’t start because some of the dialogue in vol. 1 was above my level. It seems that I’ve pushed past that point now because this time I got through the whole book in about an hour.

Progress continues on 氷菓. We’re past the introductory mini-mystery and our three main characters have joined the classics club. This week’s allotment was 13 pages and it was a lot easier to keep pace this time, partially due to the fact that a decent amount of vocab from earlier in the book has now been repeated.

I focused a lot on listening this week, watching the entirety of ヒナまつり (a very good anime which I’d seen before but almost entirely forgotten). I downloaded a subs2srs deck and reviewed each episode after watching it, which gave me a comprehension rate of about 2/3, with the remainder being lines with unknown vocabulary and stuff that I knew but didn’t recognize by audio alone.

Finally I watched three more episodes of 少女終末旅行, bringing me up to ep. 8. I’ll probably finish it this upcoming week. There were a few spots that I wasn’t able to follow (as always, 熟語 are my critical weakness) but for the most part it’s very comprehensible.