Japanese reading report

This week I read two volumes of manga, read another chunk of my novel, and watched some more anime.

I got a bunch of World Trigger for free on Honto a while ago and decided to try it out — ended up reading vol. 1 really quickly and finished it in the first few days. It’s pretty good so far and I think I’ll definitely keep reading at least through the ones I got for free. Decided to go ahead and look up every unknown word since I wasn’t coming across very many of them.

My second manga for this week was 5等分の花嫁 vol. 13, which is still a bit difficult. Seems like the story might actually be coming to a close, which is exciting — part of the reason I got started with this series was because I had a feeling from the beginning that it was going to shirk the normal harem tropes, and it seems like I was right.

Throughout the week I read through 14 more pages of 氷菓 in accordance with the WaniKani bookclub pace. Compared to the first week this was much easier and I think I just needed to find my feet. There’s been a ton of unfamiliar vocabulary so I’m reading with Takoboto open and adding everything I look up to the Favorites list so I can go over them later. I’ve come across a few familiar N1 grammar points, including one that 日本語の森 made a video about half an hour before I found it in the book. Funny how that works sometimes.

Across a few more trips to the gym I watched three more episodes of 少女終末旅行, bringing me up to five total. At this point I’m beyond the point that I’ve read in the manga so it’s all uncharted territory, but I’m doing alright.