Japanese reading report

First report of the new year!

This week I read all of 鬼滅の刃 vol. 11 and about 30% of vol. 12. I really really liked this past arc and I’m so glad I’m reading ahead of the anime/English translation. I’ve been looking up a lot of words and it still baffles me just how small my vocabulary is compared to everything that’s out there.

I’m still pushing hard on P5R since I’m moving out of my apartment this weekend and my PS4 will be in storage for a little bit. I’m close to the beginning of the third arc, but there’s been a lot of on-rails story stuff so my progress through the in-game calendar has been kind of slow.

Finally, I started watching 俺好き (without subtitles) and I’m three episodes in. So far there’s been a recurring gag where the protagonist will be subjected to the same exact situation by each of the two main girls, which sort of reinforces the words/phrasing used. I’m not having too much trouble following along, though some of the inner monologues can fly by very quickly.