Japanese reading report

Another kind of lopsided week for me, what with travelling for Christmas and everything.

I read a little over half of 鬼滅の刃 vol. 9 while I was on the go. I really hope they keep on adapting the series after the infinity train movie, because this arc would be amazing to see animated. I’ll probably finish up this volume next week.

The last few days (ever since I got home) have been practically nonstop P5R. I’m moving soon and my PS4 will probably be in storage for a little while, so I want to get through as much as I can. At the time of writing I’ve just finished the second chapter. There’s been an uptick in the amount of new content recently; we just unlocked a new area to explore, plus a few scenes with Kasumi and now (as I write this) I’m on a date with Caroline and Justine to teach them about Big Bang Burger. Still picking up a lot of good vocabulary and finding some nice grammar (my most recent acquisition is だの from N1), and I’ve also run across some kanji that I’ve only seen rarely (off the top of my head, 呑む and 顎 were two I saw just recently, along with the ever-so-distressing 押忍, which I’ve now seen in two Persona games).