Japanese reading report

This week I finished 鬼滅の刃 vol. 6. I think I’ve got about one more chapter until I catch up with the anime. Found some neat new kanji (痙攣 is a notable word with two unusual kanji I’ve never seen before) and some very formal/archaic speech which is always fun to read.

I know I said I wasn’t planning to move on to more manga this week, but I did read a few more chapters of 甘々と稲妻, finishing off vol 6. Incidentally, the reason I’ve been reading this series more slowly is because it’s kind of formulaic, but lately the recipes have been taking up less of each chapter and they’ve been focusing more on character development and plot.

Persona 5: Royal continues, with today being the last day I’ll be able to play it for a little while (I’ll be out of town until the 20th, so it’s back to manga for the next week). I’ve reached the end of Madarame’s palace with just the boss fight remaining, started my social link with Yoshida, and progressed with Ryuji, Maruki, and Takemi. Once again, the wide variety of characters is great for broadening my horizons; I can learn medical vocab, proverbs, and political language in the space of one play session, not to mention getting exposure to all the different registers they speak in.