Japanese reading report

This week I finished vol. 5 of 鬼滅の刃 and got a little over halfway through vol. 6. I’m so close to being caught up with the end of the anime and I’m excited to be in uncharted waters. Continuing to come across words/kanji I’ve learned recently on WaniKani (so close to being done!).

I also read another chapter of 甘々と稲妻. Going chapter-by-chapter feels like a good pace for this series since it’s pretty formulaic, so reading an entire volume can be a bit fatiguing. Just like last time, I didn’t have to look up any words, though admittedly this chapter was pretty simple (and didn’t even have a proper recipe, FeelsBad).

My trek through Persona 5: Royal continues. I’ve made it to Mission Start in the 斑目 chapter (the actual start, after Yusuke awakens his Persona). Yusuke was a fun character to try to read when I was playing PQ2, since he speaks in a very literary way and will often drop proverbs into his normal speech. This past week has uncovered a lot of N1 level grammar that I’ve started turning into Anki sentence cards.

Speaking of Persona Q2, I’ve actually started replaying it — I’ve been on the road a lot lately and will be away from home for a while starting next week, so it gave me an excuse to revisit it and see how I’ve improved. When I first started playing it (almost exactly a year ago) I was way out of my depth, but the first few hours of my replay have been very smooth and enjoyable.