Japanese reading report

This week I read Komi-san vol. 9. The major plot points in this volume revolved around Valentine’s Day and White Day, and of course all the drama that comes with the territory. Most of what I learned this time around was pertaining to the culture rather than the language; for example, I didn’t realize that your choice of お返し has specific symbolism that represents your feelings for the other person.

I also played about 15 hours of Persona 5: Royal, bringing me to the end of the first Palace. Of that time, about 10 hours was real productive immersion, with the rest being just gameplay with very little reading happening. I’ve made a few allies at this point and they all have different ways of speaking in addition to belonging to different walks of life; as one example, the doctor uses a lot of medical terminology that I probably wouldn’t have run across in my normal reading.

Honorable mention: another episode or so of HKBK, some more MHA with my sister. I saw the movie Midway (about the famous WWII battle) which features a decent amount of Japanese and it was fun comparing the subtitles with what I could glean from the spoken dialogue.