Japanese reading report

At the beginning of the week I was still in Yokohama, so for my last night I went to see 天気の子 in theaters. I didn’t like it quite as much as 君の名は but it was still excellent. As far as my comprehension, it definitely wasn’t as good as some of the other movies I’ve seen (even including 君の名は), and I’m still not 100% sure I understand the mechanics behind 晴れ女, but I managed to keep up and never get blindsided.

I finished up vol. 5 of よつばと! the night before heading out. I haven’t picked it up since very early on in my reading career and I forgot how great it is. Not much to report — I was able to puzzle out some constellation names during the stargazing chapter, but beyond that it was basically just casual leisure reading (which is nice).

On the plane ride home I read Flying Witch vol. 7, leaving me with just one volume left to go before I’m caught up (and have to wait until next October for another volume!). It’s still pretty simple to follow so I’ve decided to go for a higher level of comprehension when I read it, namely by looking up words in the dictionary when I can’t figure them out through context (usually I just skip anything I don’t know). The friction it adds is definitely noticeable but it’s not too bad, and it seems like it’ll benefit me.

Also on the plane, I read Komi-san vol. 5. I wish I’d made some notes while reading it because while I can remember what happened, I don’t remember any new words I learned or anything like that.

Finally, through the past few days I’ve been reading Komi-san vol. 6. One notable thing from just today was learning the おぼえがない pattern and then hearing it just a few hours later in the latest episode Fire Force (not appearing in my report since I used EN subs). I’ll be finished with it today but I wanted to get my report in so I can read myself to sleep — jet lag is still kicking my butt.