Japanese reading report

Between my 12 flight to Japan and two days of being cooped up in my hotel room due to the typhoon, I had plenty of time for reading this week (even if most of it was frontloaded).

On the plane I read 少女終末旅行 vol. 1, which didn’t take me very long — I think I finished it on the first leg of the flight. I only ended up coming across a handful of words I didn’t know, which feels like a triumph in and of itself. It’s not terribly complicated in terms of dialogue but there were some military terms that I was able to figure out just based on the kanji (though I went and looked them up later just to make sure of the pronunciation). This series is kind of a pain to read on Honto because you need to use the app, but since there aren’t too many books I think I’ll continue it anyway.

The second book I read on my flight was 鬼滅の刃 vol. 2, which I’m reading to catch up with the anime. Since I already watched the show with subs I can figure out pretty much all the unknown words through context. I ran across a few words that I’d recently learned elsewhere, like 専念 and 深追い, which helped reinforce them right away.

The last piece of immersion I had on the plane was watching the movie Diner. It was…very weird. I was able to follow along with the plot and understand most of the dialogue so I guess it was an overall success but I was DEFINITELY expecting something a lot more lighthearted just based on the description.

Throughout the week I played a fair bit of Dark Souls in Japanese. I know the game like the back of my hand so I didn’t do too much reading per se, but I did pay attention to the NPC dialogue. It’s interesting how wildly different the EN voices are from the JP subtitles. Another noteworthy moment: randomly coming across 紋章(の盾)the same day I learned it on WaniKani.

I went to a BOOK-OFF and found a physical copy of ねねね (which was one of my goals for this trip). I also picked up よつばと! vol. 5 and read through most of it yesterday while wandering around the hotel.

Honorable mentions: 新幹線 schedules, menus at various restaurants, listening to コンビニ and ticket counter clerks. About a dozen pages of Flying Witch vol. 7. It’s been a busy week.