Japanese reading report

This week I finally finished up マグネット島通信, or at least finished what I had access to. MangaZ has 12 chapters available but it seemed pretty obvious that the story wasn’t over. In any case I don’t plan to pursue it any further. It was a positive reading experience I guess, just because I picked up some good vocabulary and reinforced a decent amount of my recent N2 and N1 grammar, but the story really never grabbed me. If nothing else it’s a good milestone since I’ve been trying to read this manga for a long time and now I’ve finally managed to complete it.

I also read vol. 1 of 炎炎ノ消防隊. The author really has a penchant for using strange or gratuitous kanji like 貴女 and 嚙む, and what Supi calls 無理仮名; in just this last chapter alone I saw 第8(われわれ), 第1(うち) — not to mention the chapters use kanji like 壱・弐・参・伍 and (from the latest episode of the anime) 拾. To be honest it’s a little exhausting to read but I’m enjoying it.