Japanese reading report

This week I read Flying Witch vol. 5, about half of KomiSan vol. 1, and a little more of Persona 4.

I actually skipped Flying Witch vol. 4 by accident; I guess I switched the filenames on 4 and 5 and didn’t even notice until I was nearly done with vol. 5. The final chapter is about a tooth that one of the characters keeps in a little treasure box in her room, and for a while I was trying to figure out what exactly it was — they kept calling it ハマベーの歯, and I knew it had something to do with a beach trip, so I figured it was some kind of seashell…it took some searching around on the internet to realize that I’d skipped a whole volume and was lacking context that would have made the whole thing a non-issue. I’ll be going back to catch up next week.

I finally picked up 古見さんはコミュ症です after hearing Zengor and some others talk about it for a while now; I read a sample of it last time and it was well above my level, but now it’s quite accessible. I like how most of the characters’ names are puns, and so far it’s been really nice and wholesome.

Persona 4 progress continues to trickle in; I cleared the battle with Shadow Chie and got through a number of Velvet Room information sessions. One thing I that stuck out to me was the word 今宵, used by Igor and Margaret the first time you meet them. I’d never heard it before so I figured it was probably a formal or uncommon word…and then I immediately heard it in a song the next day. It’s funny how something like that can permanently cement a word into your memory.

Finally, following a conversation we had in #chit_chat recently, decided to try shadowing the ラジオドラマ podcast I listen to when I ride my bike to work. It feels like it could be great for helping me improve both my listening and my pronunciation, but it’s really hard right now ? I’m going to keep at it in the future, though maybe with an audiobook proper so I can work on more than just dialogue.