Japanese reading report

I don’t usually turn in my report until Saturday, but I’m very excited this time — after six months (on and off) I’ve finally finished Persona Q2, with three weeks to go before the English release. The last session ended up being almost five hours long and I felt like I was in the zone the whole time (okay, most of the time — in the grand old Persona tradition the final boss uses a lot of archaisms and grandiose speech). I’ve browsed JP wikis and message boards for quest prerequisites, finished all the sidequests except for three or four, and pored over the official strategy guide to learn the locations of rare materials so I could put together the ultimate dream team. In terms of practical application this is the most comprehensive thing I’ve done with my Japanese knowledge to date.

Aside from that, I’ve done a fair amount of dabbling around to decide what I want to fill my reading time with from here on out. A few more chapters of 甘々と稲妻, a few of からかい上手の高木さん (which I haven’t tried reading in a while but I’ve found is much easier to follow than last time).