Japanese reading report

The majority of my reading this week was from Persona Q2, which is getting ever closer to the end. Last night I finished the fourth dungeon, including the post-boss cutscenes. It was a 4-hour session with no chance to save my game, and I spent at least 3:30 of that time doing continuous live translation (I’ve been streaming my playtime on Twitch). Completely exhausting, but the pace was really good — it probably would have taken me twice as long a month or two ago. This last dungeon has had multiple scenes where the dialogue advances automatically and I was glad to see I was able to keep up without too much trouble. In addition to my 7 hours or so of stream time, I also played through four or five sidequests (which are usually 90% dialogue). All told I probably spent 10 hours on PQ2 this week.

I also began and finished Flying Witch vol. 1. I was really surprised by just how accessible it was — compared to 5花嫁, my reading speed is much higher and my comprehension is close to 100%. I did pick up a few words here and there via context (realizing that 音痴 can be used as a suffix; intuitively understanding 新米; even realizing that 〜べ is a way of expressing the volitional in 津軽弁), so I want to say Flying Witch is precisely at my reading level, maybe even a little below it.

Finally, I spent the time on my bike to and from work by listening to ラジオドラマ on the Google Podcasts app. I actually just clicked on the first one I saw that was about as long as my commute and ended up with きくドラ. They seem to have a wide variety of material; the first one I listened to was a dramatization of the story of Sampson from the Bible, and I had a really cool moment of epiphany halfway to work when I actually realized just which story it was. My listening comprehension is still pretty week in isolation but I plan to make good use of these going forward.