Japanese reading report

This week was essentially a repeat of the last, with a good mix of media types. I rode my bike to work three days, totalling about 1.5hrs to listen to a random podcast I found by searching for ゲーム in the Google Podcast app. Most of the conversation went over my head, but I did notice that I was able to follow the topic of conversation — when they stopped talking about Sekiro and moved on to ジョジョの奇妙な冒険, and from there onto the ジャンプアクション genre.

I watched three more episodes of とらドラ and it’s still a little difficult to catch everything. One nice thing, however, is that I’ve realized just how much I forgot about the show since the first time I saw it (with EN subs). Most of the plot developments feel fresh and unexpected, which is encouraging because it means I’m comprehending enough to be able to follow along without relying on existing knowledge.

For actual reading, I read most of 5花嫁 vol. 9. Once again I found myself stumbling across grammar I’ve just recently learned, notably ~兼ねる and 他ならない, both of which I’d been struggling to recall during my reviews. Additionally, this morning I learned the word 寸前 on WaniKani and then immediately saw it again as 遅刻寸前, which is always fun as it solidifies words as having practical use and makes them easier to remember.

I played a good amount more of Persona Q2, wrapping up the 3rd dungeon and moving on to the 4th. The 3rd boss has an interesting gimmick that literally requires you to be literate, which I’m told caused some pain for the scrubs who imported without knowing any Japanese. I’ve also been picking my way through the sidequests, most of which are 75% dialogue with very simple gameplay.

Finally, I spent about an hour last night translating the entirety of the announcement page for Persona 5: The Royal. It’s really rewarding to be able to apply my hard-won skills in a way that my friends can benefit from as well.