Japanese reading report

Another week, another volume of 5花嫁. I only have two weeks left until I’ll be totally caught up! Vol. 9 comes out on the 17th, and then who knows how long it’ll be until the next — I’ll need to pick up another series to keep me occupied in the meantime.

The biggest thing I noticed this week was that I’m spotting more and more of my recently-studied grammar points . I’ve ramped up my pace on Bunpro recently and I’m currently on track to be done “learning” N2 grammar in 36 days (not including reviews of course). The more grammar I learn, the more I see, and some of the points I’ve been struggling with have actually come up in my reading just over the past few days — だけは (which I would often confuse with だけに) and どうせ were both used in the last two chapters alone. Seeing study material in the wild does wonders to ground it and make sure it sticks, so I’m glad I’ve been able to come across examples like this.

I also finished up K-On season 1 and tried (failed) to move on to さようなら絶望先生. I’d almost be happy just watching it for the animation, but I came away from the first episode almost completely lost. Right now I think I’m better off finding something to watch that’s comfortably at my level since my listening comprehension is still lacking.