Japanese reading report

This week I got most of the way through 5花嫁 vol. 5, still on my pace of one volume per week. I finally figured out how to view bookmarks in my e-reader, which is amazingly helpful; I can skip over words I don’t know (maintaining momentum), but still be able to come back and make note of them for later.

Notable success stories this time around: figuring out what 何食わぬ顔 meant without looking it up; and instantly understanding 現実主義 (which led to ruefully admitting that maybe it wasn’t so dumb for WaniKani to teach 主義 on its own). There was one moment a few chapters ago where the MC is feverish and transitions from a story about his childhood to a flight of fancy involving aliens with shogi pieces for heads…for a minute there I thought I’d skimmed over something very important until the other characters’ reactions clued me in to the fact that they were just as lost as I was. I plan to finish reading vol. 5 tomorrow before allowing myself to play Sekiro ✌

I’ve also been trying to find more time to watch anime with J-subs, so this week I watched three more episodes of K-On. Still not having too much trouble with it so I might try the next episode with no subtitles at all and see how that goes.