Codename: Ifrit (A Series of Fortunate Events)

It’s been about 2.25 months since I started my “Intro to Game Design with Programming” course. Before I started, I heard from some friends of mine that a friend of theirs would likely be in the same class. I looked forward to meeting him, seeing as this would be an easy way to have a friend/partner in the class. Well, this friend was Jake, my partner on this project we’re calling Ifrit. From the very beginning of the school work, I went to Jake when I was desperate for help, because he was and is a bit of a programming genius. He would always be happy to help.

To jump to the end of this story… There was one class where I was working on what is now Ifrit, and Jake was helping me out with some bugs in the code. Coincidentally, we were sitting literally inches from our professor. He told us he overheard our working together, and decided that we worked very well together. Despite that this course normally does not allow students to work in groups, he deemed us a team; and we were to work on my current project (Ifrit) together. This would count as our Final Project for both of us, which meant that we got an extra 2-3 weeks to work on it. If this all ends well for us, supposedly the course will have students work in teams starting the following semester. We’re guinea pigs.

All this to explain the history of our duo and our project Ifrit. I hope to write on the development of it on a regular/semi-regular basis, as does Jake. My posts will likely have an artistic/creative and asset-related tilt to them since the game idea originally sprouted in my head.

Without going into too much detail (that will be a separate post), Ifrit is essentially a “Hack-and-Slash” Platformer, with a fantasy theme (swords and magic and such). Think classic Sonic or Mario, but with more dynamic fighting and visuals similar to Final Fantasy I.

I am thrilled to be working with Jake, and I am very excited to see how this project turns out.