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If you’re doing any kind of game development, you owe it to yourself to look into Ogmo editor. It’s a great generic map editor similar to Tiled and Mappy. In addition to tilemap support it also lets you define entities and place them in the levels. These entities can have properties which show up in the editor as text fields, sliders and checkboxes, depending on their type. The levels are saved as XML, so they can be used just about anywhere.

I used Ogmo in one of my recent games and came up with a ton of entity types that sent my productivity through the roof. Unfortunately, there isn’t any kind of export feature built in, so for the next project I would have to recreate all of those entities again — not great for productivity. Today I wrote a small tool to fix this, and I wanted to share. It’s called OgmoEntity.

Copied from the readme:

How to use:

  • Put OgmoEntity.exe in the same folder as your Ogmo project (ie. Project.oep) and run it.
  • Entities defined in the project will be exported as .oen files; OgmoEntity_[Entity name].oen.
  • All .oen files in the project folder will be imported into the Ogmo project file. You’ll have to re-open it in Ogmo Editor in order to use the new entities.

That’s all there is to it!

You can get the binary from the downloads section, or the source by downloading the repo.