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Color/Shift demo 1.01

The Color/Shift demo has been updated due to feedback. Notable changes:

  • Pawns may now be dragged freely until they cross a grid line, at which point they snap to the axis on which they have moved the furthest.
  • Neutral walls are no longer the same color as the grid lines.

Color/Shift demo

Since Slide originally came about as an entry for OneGameAMonth, I thought it would make sense for me to release the Colorshift demo as one as well!

iconWindows iconNG Get it now!

This is an early release that doesn’t add any additional levels beyond those included in Slide, so if you’ve played it already there won’t be a lot more to see here besides a bunch of bugfixes and some polish to the core mechanics. I’m still working on adding a bunch of extra features, like drag-and-drop support for custom levels and a menu to replay puzzles you’ve beaten already or resume where you left off.

I’m working on native builds for Mac and Linux, but for now non-windows users can play in a browser at Newgrounds.

Please let me know what you think! I’m still in heavy development and I’d love to incorporate your feedback and criticism.

What’s in a name?

I’ve heard it said that it’s easier to name something before it even exists than to try to sum a thing up into a name after the fact, and I believe it. For nearly every game I’ve ever made, it seems like naming the darned thing is the task which takes the longest to complete.

Slide was an exception to this. I had the name picked before I made my first commit to the source repository, and it remained throughout the entirety of development. When I released it there was no other game by that name anywhere on the internet. I was feeling pretty good about it.

Yesterday I went to make an IndieDB profile for the remake. I created a boxshot image, collected screenshots, entered all the required information…and pressed submit.

  • There is already a game listed with the name Slide on Indie DB.


I checked out the conflicting entry and came to the realization that, while I had become attached to the name “Slide” in reference to my own work, it really wasn’t a great fit as it described only the most basic mechanics. In this new game, the core mechanics are all about puzzles based on ice sliding in classic Zelda and Pokemon games. It obviously has a lot of polish and has likely been in development for a while, so even though I had technically released my game first I didn’t want to be “that guy” and ask that it be taken down.

And so began a frantic day of brainstorming as I tried to come up with a new name before the rapidly approaching OneGameAMonth deadline of November 4th.

Fortunately this all has a happy ending. The name I chose (with the help of some good friends) is Color/Shift, and I’ve retroactively renamed it in all my posts about this new release. Not only is this new name more tightly related to the core mechanics overall, but it’ll also help me distinguish between the original prototype and the new commercial release. All’s well that ends well. :)

Color/Shift soundtrack teaser

For its first release, Slide used music by General Fuzz, one of my all-time favorite musicians. Unfortunately, the fact that I’m selling the extended release meant using his work was no longer an option, so the upcoming version will feature an all-new soundtrack by Chris Logsdon. Here’s a work-in-progress demo of one of the songs that will be included!


When I released Slide, nearly everyone who played it encouraged me to get it working on mobile devices, but unfortunately the framework I used to make it wasn’t compatible with iOS or Android. For the past two weeks (well, three including a massive false start, but I’ll get to that later) I’ve been working on porting it to Haxe/OpenFL with that very goal in mind.


At this point I’ve reimplemented about 99% of the mechanics of the original game, and added a heaping helping of polish to the whole mix. I’m planning to release it on all three major desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and Android for sure. Windows Phone 8 and iOS are two other targets that I’d like to hit as well, but I don’t currently have hardware to test on.

You can still play the original game here, and keep an eye on the official page for the remake here.