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This is me blogging

So I was thinking the other day…I have this domain and I’ve never really used it for anything. At the very least I should put up some kind of basic wordpress theme so it looks nice. As it turns out I got carried away…so now I have to actually use the thing. Sigh…

This blog will serve as a place for me to rant about stuff and post links or screenshots of things I’ve been working on. It might turn into something more than that, but I don’t really know at this point. Let’s start small. It’s Saint Patrick’s day.

Crist dom imdegail indiu
ar neim, ar loscud, ar bádud, ar guin,
condom-thair ilar fochraicce.
Críst limm, Críst reum, Críst im degaid,
…Críst indium, Críst ísum, Críst uasum,
Críst desum, Críst tuathum,
Críst i llius, Críst i sius, Críst i n-erus,
Críst i cridiu cech duini immumrorda,
Críst i ngin cech oín rodom-labrathar,
Críst i cech rusc nonom-dercathar,
Críst i cech cluais rodom-chloathar.