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No overnight success

Last night I broke my own record for how quickly I could read one volume of manga in Japanese, finishing in about an hour. As exciting as this was, it quickly dawned on me that I was only able to reach this level (and of course, I have much further to go) due to dedicated daily study for almost four years. One hour of reading is propped up by thousands of hours of practice.

How did the Beatles manage to find such immediate success when they burst onto the scene in 1962?
By toiling for years ahead of time without ever being noticed.

How many strokes does it take to fell a tree?
One. But also a hundred.

Glide update: Tween overwriting

I’ve just added support for property overwriting to Glide, my Tweening engine for C#. This functionality exists in Actuate (a great Haxe library from which I’ve taken a lot of inspiration) and I’ve wanted it in Glide for a while now because it’s just so darn handy.

Imagine you start a tween off on its way:

…but then something changes, and now you want your image to travel instead to (X = 500) instead, and it should only take two seconds:

At first this will work fine, but when the second tween finishes, suddenly the first one takes precedence again and your image will keep moving towards (X = 100). You could cancel the first tween, but that would also cancel the movement towards (Y = 200).

Now, creating a new Tween on an object that’s already being tweened will cancel the movement of any properties that are currently being tracked. In the example above, the new X tween would overwrite the old one, the original Y tween would keep on working, and there’s no need to manually cancel anything.

The old behavior is still available; just pass false to the overwrite parameter. I’m pretty sure that won’t be necessary in the majority of cases, but it does exist if you want it.

Reddit Secret Santa 2013

For the uninitiated, Redditgifts is an unofficial extension to the Reddit community. Every year, thousands of strangers send each other gifts as part of a holiday tradition called Reddit Secret Santa. This was my first year participating. Just like everyone else, I got linked to two other users; one to send a gift to, and one to receive from.

I’m generally a terrible procrastinator, but I got my gift wrapped and sent before the deadline hit. It’s a really cool feeling to send a present to somebody you’ve never met, and I was waiting eagerly to hear news of the gift that was coming for me.

Unfortunately, Christmas came and went with no sign of my Santa. I was pretty bummed out. On the website, I confirmed that I hadn’t gotten a gift and made my peace with it.

A few days later, I got this in my email:


“Who could this be?” I thought. “I don’t have any friends with that name.”

I scrolled down a little further.

Your Secret Santa (Rematch Edition!),
Hi there! This is just a little warm-up present to keep you tied over while I come up with goodies for the main event! Cheers!

The main event? Not necessary. The warm fuzzy feeling I got from opening this email more than made up for the disappointing results of the main exchange.

Then yesterday I got something in the mail.


If you can see past the censors, it’s a box approximately the size of my bedroom. The controller is for scale. It’s the biggest thing I had nearby when this first came in.


Beneath the brown paper was another layer of wrapping. To heighten the anticipation, no doubt.


On top of everything was an envelope…


…with a wax seal on the back. Oh my goodness this is too cool for words.


Look at all this stuff!


An awesome Doctor Who stocking! I think I’m in for a few jealous siblings. It contained enough candy to last me until next Christmas.


A magnetic whiteboard and some custom magnets featuring some of my favorite things.
Clockwise from top right: Snoo the Reddit alien, Adam Jensen from Deus Ex: Human Revolution, my name in fuþorc, the Mark from Dishonored, and Ezio from Assassin’s Creed.
And dry erase colored pencils! Why have I never heard of these before?


The “Family Fun night care package”, consisting of a movie I’d never heard of, a game that we somehow don’t own, and enough popcorn for the whole crew. I’ll be putting these to good use for sure.


A beautiful Hobbit-themed Moleskine journal and the tools required to use it.


And last but not least, a snuggly scarf crafted by Mrs. Claus herself. I’ve never had a scarf before and I was missing out.


My expectations were completely blown away. I’m having trouble articulating just how special this felt. Thank you, Santa, from the bottom of my heart.

Fixing location bar search in Firefox 23

Firefox 23 came out the other day, taking more steps towards becoming the same exact browser as Google Chrome. In addition to the new flat-style icon (I find it distracting, but it’s not that big of a deal), they’ve removed the keyword.URL configuration value, which means that all my searches started being routed through Wikipedia. Apparently the location bar and search bar now provide the same exact functionality, so my setup of having DuckDuckGo as my default search and tabbing to Wikipedia when necessary was broken. This new “feature” is no longer up for discussion on the Mozilla bug tracker due to criticism.

Fortunately, as with nearly everything there is to dislike about Firefox, there’s an addon to fix it. Installing this and restarting my browser restored the original functionality of the keyword.URL value, although I still had to create a new entry in the about:config page as the original key/value pair had been deleted. Finding it took some digging, so hopefully this post will make it easier to find for other people with the same problem.

Thanks, analytics!

I recently installed a WordPress plugin that allows me to see what posts are being visited and which links are being followed from and within my blog. Some of the most common links are the icons displayed by each entry on my game portfolio page, but instead of pointing to the games they represent, they simply linked to a standalone instance of the icon. As of now, that’s no longer the case, so future visitors should have a much smoother experience.

So I switched themes again

I’m generally not a fan of the default anything, but I updated WordPress yesterday and this theme came with it. Something about it really tickles my fancy. It’s bright and clean, with simple colors and big text, and somehow it makes me feel like I can knock out a quick post without spending days on it, making every little thing perfect.

I’m going to keep this one for a while. I might just start posting a little more often.

This is me blogging

So I was thinking the other day…I have this domain and I’ve never really used it for anything. At the very least I should put up some kind of basic wordpress theme so it looks nice. As it turns out I got carried away…so now I have to actually use the thing. Sigh…

This blog will serve as a place for me to rant about stuff and post links or screenshots of things I’ve been working on. It might turn into something more than that, but I don’t really know at this point. Let’s start small. It’s Saint Patrick’s day.

Crist dom imdegail indiu
ar neim, ar loscud, ar bádud, ar guin,
condom-thair ilar fochraicce.
Críst limm, Críst reum, Críst im degaid,
…Críst indium, Críst ísum, Críst uasum,
Críst desum, Críst tuathum,
Críst i llius, Críst i sius, Críst i n-erus,
Críst i cridiu cech duini immumrorda,
Críst i ngin cech oín rodom-labrathar,
Críst i cech rusc nonom-dercathar,
Críst i cech cluais rodom-chloathar.