Japanese reading report

This week is the first in a long time that I haven’t read any manga at all. I’m working hard on finishing 氷菓, with 15 pages since my last report. For the most part it felt like it went a lot smoother than some other points, so that’s nice. I had planned to finish it over the next two weeks but I might try to accelerate that timeline since I realized yesterday that 鬼滅の刃 vol. 20 comes out much earlier than I had thought and I’ll be anxious to get into it.

The WK bookclub has moved on to their next book, 夜市. I read through the sample pages and I haven’t decided if I’ll keep it up, but one thing I will say is that it’s much easier (and written in a more enjoyable style) than 氷菓, so I might continue it once I finish.

I also played a good chunk of Persona 5: Royal. When I left off last night I had just gotten into Futaba’s palace for the first time and officially started the mission. The main-story sections are great because I can just put the text on auto and let it play out at native speed, so I’ve been making good progress.

Japanese reading report

This week I read the latter half of あさひなぐ vol. 1. The meet ended with a close loss for the 二ツ坂 club, the third-year club members left, and they established the character who’ll likely be our protagonist’s rival going forward. Jumping straight into a competition early in the series to both explain the rules and set the stakes is pretty interesting. I think I’ll probably leave it there for now instead of moving on with the series, but I’ll likely come back to it in the future.

I also read 愚者の星 vol. 2, which I didn’t really like very much. This is a series I picked up right when it came out, which was back in December. After finishing this volume I don’t really see myself following it any further. The main villain showed up again, hid behind one of his retainers, escaped once the MC beat his man…basically exactly the same arc as in the first volume. I’m also getting wicked tired of the goofy made-up language that they use as ruby all over the place.

The last manga I read was 雪にツバサ vol. 1, which I randomly got for free on Honto and decided to read just based on the beautiful cover art. It’s by 高橋しん (who writes かなたかける, which I’ve also been reading) and it’s…kind of a tonal roller coaster. I kind of like it? but it’s also really weird and sometimes gets uncomfortably close to being genuinely distressing.

Played a bit more of Persona 5 Royal, finishing up Kaneshiro and the two weeks up to his deadline and moving into the Medjed arc now.

Stayed current on Animal Crossing but not a lot to talk about there.

Read 10 more pages in 氷菓, which I quite honestly am not enjoying anymore. I’m so close to the end and I do want to actually finish it, so I’m cutting myself off from reading any more manga until it’s over.

Japanese reading report

This week I read the final volume of 5等分の花嫁, vol. 14. The series is now officially over and it’s a pretty neat feeling — this was the manga I started with when I started reading seriously, and it’s the one that helped guide me into my “read fast and skip the hard stuff” strategy. As each new volume has come out it’s been encouraging to see how much I’ve improved since the last one, to the point where (finally) I was able to read this one with basically no trouble at all. Very happy with the way the story concluded. Overall feeling really good about it all.

I also read vol. 2 of 阿波連さんははかれない, which was just as hilarious as the first one.

I only read about half of あさひなぐ vol. 1, which is a manga series about 薙刀. I don’t really know anything about this sport but since I had the first few volumes for free I figured I’d give it a shot. It’s pretty entertaining so far with good visual comedy and some fun characters. At the point I’m at right now the upperclassmen in the 薙刀部 are about to have a meet, which will hopefully explain the rules a bit more.

Played a bit of Animal Crossing (finally unlocked the Able sisters shop; I’m the slowest player in history). I also played a decent amount of P5 Royal; I’m actually taking a break from it to write my report. I should be done with Kaneshiro’s boss fight by the end of the day.

Japanese reading report

This week I read すいとーと vol. 1, which is one of the manga I picked up a while ago because it was a brand new release. It’s about a couple of girls who go out to local restaurants in Fukuoka city, with each chapter focusing on a different spot. I haven’t looked too much into it but I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this was written to drive tourism to the city; one of the running gags is that one of the girls has an encyclopedic knowledge of every restaurant they visit. In any case the food all looks super good so Fukuoka is definitely on my mind at the moment. Picked up a few words of 福岡弁. I might grab vol. 2 when it comes out; it was an enjoyable read but nothing too amazing so far.

After finishing すいとーと I was in the mood to read something simple (with furigana for a change) so I went back to World Trigger and finished vol. 2 over the last two days.

I finished recording the last three episodes in my Persona 5 Scramble series, so about two hours on that front. Feels good to be finished up. The boss battles have dialogue throughout, which is difficult to keep up with while playing normally, so it was nice to be able to go back and comb through it during the editing phase. Now that I have all the videos finished they’ll all be going up on a schedule if anyone is interested.

Read a little of 氷菓 and translated a little of 被虐のノエル. Not really enough to comment on either one this week.

Japanese reading report

This week I finished up vol. 3 of かなたかける (starting at 25% from last week). Will probably put the series on hold again for a little bit while I get through other stuff in my backlog…it’s kind of exhausting to read.

I also read vol. 1 of 阿波連さんははかれない. which I picked up at Zengor’s recommendation. It’s hilarious and heartwarming, highly recommend it.

Played a little over an hour of Persona 5 Scramble for my let’s play. The main challenge with this is that I have to translate instead of just comprehending, so there have been times where I struggled to phrase something in English despite understanding it perfectly in Japanese. I probably only have two or three more episodes before I finish the series.

Also on the translation front, over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a set of tools that I plan to use to produce a fan-patch for a game called 被虐のノエル (I mentioned the manga adaptation in here a long long time ago). I finished the tooling a few days ago and have spent a few hours working on the patch since then.

Still behind on 氷菓 but I’m more or less maintaining my pace. The MC seems to be taking an interest in the events of the story finally, which is nice.

Japanese reading report

This week I was hiding out in the woods with basically no internet access, so I had a lot of time to read.

Finished かなたかける vol. 2 (remaining 50% from last week) and started vol. 3 (got 25% through). There’s a decent amount of race-related vocab that I’ve been able to pick up in context, which is nice. It’s a super wordy manga and I think the only reason it doesn’t use furigana is because there’s no way it would be legible with how tiny the kanji has to be in order to fit on the page.

Read up to around page 155 in 氷菓. I’m still behind on the WK book club but not by a lot at this point. To be honest I feel a bit like I’m continuing this one out of duty; I really enjoyed the anime but I’m not feeling the book as much. Hotarou has got to be the most noncommittal guy in the history of guys. 「似合わないと言えないかもしれない」

Played some more animal crossing. I missed bunny day due to playing unpatched (since I didn’t have internet), but it sounds like that was a good thing maybe. It’s fun learning about the stuff you turn in to the museum.

I’m also replaying P5S (just up to the first boss for now) because I wanted to do a letsplay of it in the first place but my recording equipment was all being stored at my parents’ house. Now that I have the time and the opportunity, I’m going back through it. I’d forgotten most of the specific dialogue so it was fresher than I expected; happy to report I’m still cruising through it and not really having to look anything up.

Japanese reading report

Short/early report this week since I’m about to have limited access to internet for a little bit.

Read another 30% of かなたかける (currently 50% through). Random thing that stuck out to me: came across 駅伝会って and immediately read 会って as かい って rather than あって. Just kind of nice to see that I can immediately pick the right reading in ambiguous cases like that.

Read up to page 127 of 氷菓, still catching up to the book club. Had a nice stretch where I wasn’t looking up words at all, feels pretty good.

Played a decent amount of ACNH (in Japanese of course). The spaces between words are slowing me down a surprising amount but it’s been pretty easy otherwise.

Japanese reading report

This week I put in 22 hours of P5 Scramble, bringing me to 8/25 on the in-game calendar and 57 hours total. Still making pretty good time. I believe I’m on chapter with the final boss (though it might be a fake-out).

Watched two more episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム (through episode 7) and caught up with subs2srs cards. I’ve been struggling with this one honestly. There’s a lot of new vocab even aside from the music terminology. On the upside, I’ve been noticing an uptick in the number of times new words will pop up in other things I’m reading.

Japanese reading report

This week I played a bunch more of P5 Scramble, bringing me up to 8/12 on the in-game calendar, with 35 hours total played (13 hours this week). Still cruising through pretty easily; I’ll probably beat the third boss tonight. (Edit: done)

I fell behind pretty hard on the WK bookclub, so today I caught back up to where I should have been last week; about five more pages. The beginning of this section was pretty dry and kind of hard to motivate myself through. On the upside, I’m looking up a lot less vocab as as once again there’s been a lot of repetition.

Stayed current on my subs2srs cards and I’m reaching the point where a good number of them are reaching the 45-day retirement interval and getting automatically suspended. It’s pretty cool to see how a sentence which I couldn’t make heads or tails of at first can reach a point where it’s pretty easy to distinguish.

Finally (related to the above), I watched two more episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム. My comprehension on this is still pretty low so once again I’m grateful for the subtitle cards. This week a few difficult things that stuck out were a reference to the composer Dvořák(ドヴォルザーク)and the borderline mythological figure 聖徳太子.

Japanese reading report

🎊 One year of reading reports! 🎊

I’m ahead of schedule on my yearly manga goal, so this week I spent nearly all my time playing Persona 5: Scramble. I’m absolutely flying through it and it’s super encouraging considering that l was struggling with Persona Q2 this same time last year. Almost all of the dialogue is voiced and I’m finding that I can understand nearly everything without needing to replay the line or look up words; I’ve probably only gone to the dictionary about a dozen times in the 22 hours I’ve put in so far.

I also watched three episodes of 響け!ユーフォニアム for my new gym anime. I’ve been going through a subtitle deck because my comprehension has been lower than I expected, partially because of all the music vocab but also I think due to the specific type of slang the girls use.

Finally I read about half of this week’s allotted pages of 氷菓 for the WK bookclub. I should be caught up by end of day.