Fixing location bar search in Firefox 23

Firefox 23 came out the other day, taking more steps towards becoming the same exact browser as Google Chrome. In addition to the new flat-style icon (I find it distracting, but it’s not that big of a deal), they’ve removed the keyword.URL configuration value, which means that all my searches started being routed through Wikipedia. Apparently the location bar and search bar now provide the same exact functionality, so my setup of having DuckDuckGo as my default search and tabbing to Wikipedia when necessary was broken. This new “feature” is no longer up for discussion on the Mozilla bug tracker due to criticism.

Fortunately, as with nearly everything there is to dislike about Firefox, there’s an addon to fix it. Installing this and restarting my browser restored the original functionality of the keyword.URL value, although I still had to create a new entry in the about:config page as the original key/value pair had been deleted. Finding it took some digging, so hopefully this post will make it easier to find for other people with the same problem.

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