Glide released

I and a few of the game developers I follow have been transitioning from Flashpunk/as3 to SFML/C# recently. I still like using Flash to knock out quick prototypes, and I’ll still turn to C++ for serious projects, but C# is a reasonably nice middle-ground option. Something that kept coming up was the lack of a good tweening library along the lines of Actuate or TweenLite, which is an important part of making a game feel good in its early stages. I couldn’t find a good solution after looking around for a while, so I wrote one. It’s called Glide, and you can download it here.

Glide has gone through some huge changes since its first iteration, and after a lot of testing I’m confident that it’s ready for the world. If you’ve been looking for a tweening engine for C#, give Glide a try! I’d love to hear if it helps you out.

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