Sleeping Ugly

So my siblings and I spent yesterday working on a movie that my little brother wrote. I don’t appear in the film (which is just the way I like it), since I was the cameraman. It’s live on Youtube now, so here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Sleeping Ugly is production of epic proportions, filmed on location in a grand castle in the highlands. Produced, directed, edited, written and starring the famous Benjamin Albano, this film has critics everywhere raving.

Praise for “Sleeping Ugly”:
“Fabulous! My mouth was open the entire time.”
~ Kate Winslet, Actor

“This film brought me back to my childhood as a wee lad in the old country. I wept throughout.”
~ Billy Connelly, Actor

“The score took my breath away.”
~ Hans Zimmer, Composer

“Some of the best battle scenes I’ve seen in any movie. Ever.”
~ Yuen Wo Ping, Martial arts choreographer

“After seeing Sleeping Ugly, I don’t think I could ever make another movie again. With this production, film-making has reached its zenith.”
~ Baz Luhrmann, Director/Producer

“I ask myself, why didn’t we ever think of this?”
~ Michael Palin, creator of Monty Python

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