Hurricane Irene — Day one

To be honest I didn’t think Hurricane Irene was anything to worry about. Turns out I was right — what ended up hitting my part of New Hampshire wasn’t even classified as a hurricane anymore; just a tropical storm. No matter what you call it, Irene hit us hard enough to put a damper on my day.

It started out like a normal Sunday…the kids awake, dressed and ready to go, the parents sitting infuriatingly in bed having coffee while I wander around wanting to leave. I hadn’t even considered going to church this morning because of the rain, but my Dad said he was going, and that was good enough for me.

On our way down the road we watched out the windows at the stream that runs alongside. Usually it’s a tiny little brook, but today it was a raging torrent, easily two feet higher than normal. At one point when the road dipped too low we had to drive through water that came a few inches up the wheels. We decided to leave church as soon as it finished to get home before the roads washed out. Of course, even that was too late.

On our way back the water had carved huge gashes in the road. We tried a few different routes but no luck; our best option literally got us within an eighth of a mile from our driveway before we couldn’t go on. Some friends offered to put us up at their place until we could get home, but we needed to get home and make sure everything was okay. We managed to get a ride most of the way up the mountain, then walked the rest of the way. Here are some pictures from our walk.

We’re home now and the power’s out, so we hooked up the generator to the sump pump to pump out the eight inches of water that got into the cellar. It just finished now, two hours later. Even though the power is out the phone lines are fine, so our DSL modem is plugged into the generator now. I’m anticipating that it’ll be a few days at least before we can get out of here, but we’ve got food in the fridge and enough gas to keep the generator running for a good long time. Life could be a lot worse.

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